Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the heck is whoopdwhoop?!

You all know I love to create things.
Well, whoopdwhoop has fed that need.
I've teamed up with my new friend Emilee and a few other ladies to host a give away to try and get the word out to more people about this site.
Emilee tells you everything you need to know on her post, so I won't reinvent the wheel, but the gist of whoopdwhoop is you make whatever your heart desires and trade it with someone and then you, in turn, get to choose from everyone else's creations.  
I've received so many great things.  
Here are just a few -

Cute finger puppets from the aforementioned new friend, Emilee.
(Another benefit of doing this is that I've made a new friend!)
I liked these so much I ordered 2 more for  nieces and nephews!

This cute little hat went to my newest nephew. 

My computer 'geek' brother LOVED this keychain I gave him for his birthday. 

Bows are expensive!  No need to buy them now!  Just swap for them! 

I got this vintage pearl necklace for my mom's birthday.  She said she wears it several times a week.  Sounds like a winner! 

Finally got something for me! 

This ADORABLE hat for Malia 

And here are a few of the things I swap.

Embroidered stick family's 

Aprons for kids 

CTR towels (for when you're favorite kid(s) get baptized.)

This is the apron I plan to give away - in kid or adult size.

So, FINALLY, here's the link.
Check it out to see how you can enter for one of my aprons as well as some other great stuff including a fabulous bag (that I wish I could win!), a crocheted head band and some vinyl chalk board goodies.

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